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A couple of weeks I tuned in to the season premiere of one of my favorite reality t.v. shows “Project Runway,” with much anticipation.  Besides being a fan of Fashion, I really appreciate the artistry and creative process the contestants go thru to create a garment each episode.  The first 30 minutes of the show you are getting acquainted with the new contestants as they, one by one come into there new home for the season.  One of the designers was a man by the named of Emilio Sosa, besides him kind of resembling me, lol. I said to myself, “that guy looks Dominican.”  I quickly jumped onto my computer and Googled his name and with much delight, he is.  The 1st Dominican on “Project Runway” and to make thing even better, he won the 1st challenge and happens to live Uptown. Peep the video below and to read find out more about Mr. Sosa go here.

Emilio SOsa, Dominican Designer, Project Runway


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