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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

SOA is in the building.  Better yet, the sala, but not just any sala.  No, I am talking about La Sala 78, the cozy and chic Café/Art Gallery located at 111 Dyckman St.  The point of this little shindig was the unveiling of renowned artist Joe Buck’s latest collection.  Joe Buck has an illustrious pedigree and is the artist behind De La Soul’s iconic De La Soul is Dead album cover.  Fine art, great food and great conversations were in abundance on this rainy Saturday night.  If you missed the launch, you’re in luck because the artwork will be on display and on sale until mid-May.  Do yourself a favor and stop by to check out Joe Buck’s work and patronize this fine establishment.

For more info: www.lasala78.com/

Check out pics from the event below


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Name: Ivette Urbaez

Where do you live? Inwood

What do you do? Silk screen design, apparel ,accessories design.

Where are you originally from? Dominican Republic

How long have you been uptown? 18 years

What made you move uptown? My family and friends live uptown!

What’s the deal with your massive screen printing machine in the middle of your living room?  Its the only place I have that fits and that is my living room, but it’s meant to be in a factory..

What’s in your black trunk? It’s full of screens.

What’s up with the clothing rack in your studio? The clothes are samples of what I made for clients or for other people to see.

What’s the story with the small couch in the middle of your studio? It’s a place to sit and sleep. Opens up in to a bed .

What’s the story about that photograph between your windows, why is it between your windows?  The picture is an electric escalator in Harlem on the # 1 train station,  and it’s one of the photos I use for my T-shirts.

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The New York Times’ Local Stop column is featuring our beloved Washington Heights this week.  The article takes a trip through the hood starting at the Morris-Jumel Mansion and ending at a Jazz concert on Edgecombe with such local favorites as El Malecón restaurant thrown in for good measure. 

Check it out for your self: www.nytimes.com/

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By: Oscar Montes de Oca

To see fashion at it’s finest, you don’t need to open any fashion magazines … just hit the streets and you will see fashion in all it’s splendor (well, unless you live in Willacoochee, Georgia …. then I suggest you pick up a fashion magazine).  So on a beautiful, rainy spring day I went street walking for fashion.  With an umbrella in one hand and a light pink camera in the other (for the record it’s not my camera….I had to borrow one since I didn’t find my own) the search was on…

By the looks of the photos, you would think I hit the streets of London or Oslo or maybe Williamsburg, but nah its HARLEM.  I was able to see all walks of life looking fashion forward. As a fashion stylist and Uptown native … Harlem did right by me.  Take a look at some of my finds.

Name: Austria A.

What you do? Model

Favorite piece of clothing on? Alexander Wang Bucket Bag

Name: Simo

What you do? Fashion Designer

Favorite piece of clothing on? Vintage Acidwash Jacket


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Sooo…Saturday gets here and what do you have planned?…if your answer is either:
1) Nothin’! or 2) Same Ole, Same Ole or 3) Runnin’ Errands
Then allow the Sound of Art to give you one more option:
4) Experiencing The Joe Buck Artillery Vol.1
And if you are wondering what does that last option entail…

  • A reception that officially announces the arrival of the Joe Buck exhibit in Northern Manhattan and gives all attendees the opportunity to find the piece that matches them and take home.

  • A reception that allows you to hear, “build” and get a full understanding of this collection and the mastermind behind it.

  • A reception whose soundtrack will be dictated by IPOD play-lists our guests/ attendees bring(best play-list gets a free lunch)

  • A reception supplied with the finest of healthy edibles, provided by Northern Manhattan’s renown eatery, La Sala 78 Cafe and Gallery. Get a chance to sample the product and allow yourself to get hooked…

  • A reception that will provide it attendees with an endless flow of “crushed grapes”.

  • A reception with an ambiance that most have to pay and go out of their way to find…We Got It!
This exhibit is part of the Sound of Art’s Uptown Exhibits on Rotation.
So if you choose option (4) this is all you need to know:
Saturday, 03.27.10
111 Dyckman Street(between Nagle Ave. and Post Ave.)
NYC, NY 10034



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Tax Preparation for Artists and Arts Groups

NoMAA presents a workshop on Tax Preparation for Artists and Arts Groups.  The workshop is led by Paul Sinaly, CPA and will cover essential steps for filing taxes as a self-employed artist or financial officer of an arts group, such as:

  • Form 1099 preparation
  • Tax benefit deductibles vs. non-deductible items
  • Receipt tracking
  • New tax regulations and changes
  • How to file as an arts group

Paul Sinaly, CPA since 1987, undergraduate & graduate degree in Accounting & Taxation from St. John’s University in 1987, was with Citigroup/Citibank in Finance, M&A & Commercial Banking in Central Manhattan before affiliating with his own firm, over 25 years of experience in Tax & Advisory. Paul also has both investment licenses through the NASD, series 7 & 63, and Life insurance license.  www.yournycpa.com/

Wednesday, March 24, 6-8pm

Audubon Partnership for Economic Development, 513 W. 207 Street (at Post Ave.)


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Photography by: M.Tony Peralta

Life size Laz and Barb.

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