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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Trópico de Sangre is more than a movie; it is a riveting, eyes-glued-to-the-screen, journey to a Dominican Republic that most Dominicans my age have only heard about in the stories of our elders. In the Dominican Republic of that era, Trujillo was God. He was omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. He not only single-handedly controlled all the resources of the island but he also lorded over the very souls of the people of the picturesque nation. His vast network of spies and informers kept the entire population in a constant state of fear. It was absolutely mandatory that every household have a plaque that stated “in this house, Trujillo is the boss.” Not coincidentally, Trujillo owned the company that manufactured the plaques. To put things into perspective: Santo Domingo, a city that was founded in 1496 and is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the Americas, became Trujillo City. Such was his grip on power.



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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

The premiere of Trópico de Sangre at our very own Columbia Alumni Theater on 168th street was a star-studded affair. First off, the movie itself was absolutely mind blowing, I was so ensnared in the film’s grip that I felt I held my breath throughout the movie (check out the full review: Here.) Okay, so not only were we treated to a wonderful and historically significant film but we also had a chance to hear many of the stars of the film share their thoughts on the movie and Latinos in Hollywood in general. Michele Rodriguez cracked me up when she implored young folks to start making movies; she yelled at the audience “YouTube that shit if you don’t got the money.” Anyway, the movie’s release date is August 6th and will be showing at the Village East Cinema (181-189 2nd Avenue – 212-529-6799). It is a MUST that we support this movie. This movie has to be seen by Dominicans, Latinos and the world. Make sure you purchase your tickets and sustain this movie at the box office, where it counts!!!

For more info: www.tropicodesangre.com

For tickets: Village East Cinema

Check out the full review: Here.

Celinés Toribio who played Dedé Mirabal


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Rainey “Skates” Cruz sits down and chops it up with O.G. NYC Skater/Author Alex Corporan about the early skate scene Uptown, his days at SUPREME and what is was like being a misfit skater in Washington Heights. Check out the video interview below.



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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

165 Sherman Ave (btwn 204th St. & Academy)

New York, NY 10034


As soon as you as enter through the doors of Liquid Skin Studio (165 Sherman Ave), you are transported to another world. A realm where not only is art executed on the epidermis but where art lives, breathes and simply exists. The space has the feel of an everyman’s art gallery. No pretension or false airs here, just art for art’s sake. The proprietor of this enterprise, Miguel “Kron” Moronta, and the folks that keep this establishment running, local graffiti legend Eddie “Cel” Moronta (Miguel’s older brother) and Dro Bateman have created an indigenous, grassroots art haven, dead in the middle of Uptown Manhattan. The shop will also be celebrating its 1-year anniversary in August, so make sure you stop by and show them some love.


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BY Led Black

Rafeal Jimenez/R2 Studios

Make sure you pick up a copy of next week’s Manhattan Times because not only does it feature our weekly recap but there is also a story on the truly unique t-shirts created by our very own M. Tony Peralta (the story is available online now). The icing on the cake is that the photographer for the story was Uptown Collective member Rafael Jimenez and the writer of the story was another Uptown Collective member, Claudio Cabrera. The Uptown Collective is taking over. Speaking of ill t-shirts, you have to check out the latest collaboration between M. Tony Peralta and Nostylgia. The Dominican pride tees are absolutely incredible and are the perfect wardrobe additions for the Dominican parade, which is around the corner. Stop by Nostylgia and pick up a few before they are long gone.

Check out MT story: Here

Check out Nostylgia: Here

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Closing Reception

Friday, July 30


Inwood Center – 5030 Broadway (at 213th Street)

Local artists spontaneously get together to show their work.

Artistas locales se unen de manera espontánea para exhibir su obra.

Artists: Andrea Cukier, Risa Hirsch Ehrlich, Kathleen Granados, Alex Guerrero, Pete Hoffmeister, Olivia Korringa, Dindga McCannon, Chiqui Mendoza, Ingrid Menendez, Patricia Mota, Rosa Naparstek, Diana Schmertz, Rider Ureña

Info/RSVP: info@nomaanyc.org

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Photography by Briana E. Heard

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Check Out:

Park Portfolio – Swindler Cove Park

Park Portfolio – Inwood Hill Park

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