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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photography by Paul Lomax

There is a certain mystique, a kind of otherworldliness if you will, that envelops the New Leaf Restaurant and Bar. Nestled in the bucolic, urban oasis that is Fort Tryon Park with The Cloisters Museum just steps away, the New Leaf is an organic and natural extension of those 2 magnificent Uptown institutions. To enter into this landmark eatery is to leave Manhattan behind, with its accoutrement of hustle and bustle, and to be transported to a world where time takes a backseat and the senses feast on the cuisine, culture and class of this truly remarkable establishment.

The aptly named New Leaf, formerly a concession stand for the Parks Department, was remixed, revitalized and reinvented by Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project (NYRP) in 2001 into a world-class dining destination that seamlessly combines the culinary aspect with a charitable one, as all net proceeds support the NYRP’s mission of reclaiming and restoring NYC’s parks, community gardens and open spaces. By patronizing the New Leaf, you not only get an exquisite meal but you are also contributing to the beautification of one of New York City’s great treasures, its green spaces. I like to think to of it as Contemporary American Cuisine with a Cause.

Having worked in such world-renowned restaurants as Oak Room, Union Square Café and Le Cirque among others, Executive Chef Scott Campbell brings his considerable cooking chops to the New Leaf. New Leaf’s dynamic menu consists of seasonal dishes sourced from the finest locally grown ingredients. Talk about local, there is an herb garden in the back of the restaurant that supplies sage, oregano, rosemary, parsley and kale as well as a whole host of other ingredients. There is a certain symbiotic relationship that exists between Chef Campbell, the New Leaf and the park, that is almost magical. Chef Campbell puts its best, “the true test of a chef is to make something special, to add your own creative energies. Every day, I’m surrounded by the beauty of Fort Tryon Park. With The Cloisters and Heather Garden only a short walk away, working at the New Leaf Restaurant & Bar is a truly inspiring experience.”


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Photography by Heather Quercio


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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Carolina Pichardo is the second contributor, after photographer Briana E. Heard, to join the team but she was the first writer to come aboard to assist me with the writing duties that come with trying to run a daily site. Her enthusiasm and belief in the Uptown Collective helped me to realize early on that we were onto something here with this site. Carolina is a freelance writer, editor, mom and she is also the co-founder of Young Urban Moms, Inc but even with all that on her plate she still finds time to write for us, teach me a few things and give me the scoop on things I may have missed. The Uptown Collective has benefited immensely from having this amazing talent on our squad. Check out her blog, nomaliving.com/.

Here is Carolina in her own words.

I moved Uptown with my family at thirteen years old, after being born in Harlem, moving to Rhode Island with a brief stint in the Bronx.

Within this sixty-five [boxed] block (or so) radius, I’ve learned that there’s more to the writings on the wall, the beats and verses to a rhyme and that feelings are more than vein-to-skin deep.

That the blue line could take you further than a plane, just pass the Hudson or Dyckman Street…

And into a birthing process that I try to emulate through my writing.

Hold the words hand-in-hand + up these cracked/crooked streets and down on paper.

For you to read, understand and rock. Head bob.

Cause you’ve learned something of the same, down Sherman, Wadsworth or maybe in—Amsterdam.

That is me. Writing. And Uptown.

Check out some of her work below.

Brides’ March – Gladys Ricart Remembered

Inwood Boxing Academy – Losing is not an Option

Uptown Gem – The Armory New Balance Track & Field Center

Open For Business – Capas Inc Cigar Bar

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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Rafael Jimenez|R2 Studios

Once again, the Sound of Art (SOA) function that took place last week at Bodre’s Cut Color Room (4714 Broadway) was a smash. Toma Vodka provided the libations and SOA showcased the vibrant artwork of one of their new artists, Julie Gueraseva. If you missed the reception, stop by Bodre’s and check out the artwork, which will be on display until the end of the year. Shout out to the big homie, Hector Bodre, for making sure everyone’s cup was never empty and for ensuring that all the invitees had a good time.

For more info: bodrecut.com/


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Photography by CiscoNYC

For more: Click Here

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Improv Hip-Hop Troupe Freestyle Love Supreme featuring
Lin-Manuel Miranda

Benefit performance for the Boy Scouts of America
on Friday, October 29 6:30pm.

Hostos Community College Theatre
East Academic Complex
450 Grand Concourse in the Bronx
b/w E. 149 and E. 114 Streets

Tickets: $25
To purchase tickets, call the Manhattan Times with credit card info by 5pm Thu. Oct 28

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