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BY Rainey Skates (@raineyskates)

Posters are iconic by nature. Some revolutionize the spread of information. Some influence the rise and fall of entire political regimes. And others? Well, others we’re not so sure of yet. And so, I’d like to take the time out to invite UC readers on a tour – a magical journey through our very own iconic images. Yes, the epic Uptown club poster!

Here’s a breakdown of some of my current and all-time faves: (Enjoy at your own risk)

Ladies free before the Tsunami.

Greetings from the planet “C’mon Son!” where all the inhabitants wear wrinkly, grey suits and nobody looks at the camera during photos…



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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

On the heels of a very successful Indian Road Café deal (nearly a thousand sold), Groupon is once again setting in sights on an Uptown establishment. This time around it is the über popular restaurant Garden Café (4961 Broadway – Near 207th St). For a paltry 10 bucks you get $20 worth of great food and drink. You have a day and some hours to get in on the deal but if you snooze you lose.

Get the deal: Here

Check out our post on the Garden Café: http://uptowncollective.com/2010/09/02/uptown-oasis-the-garden-cafe/

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By: M.Tony Peralta (@peraltaproject)

After a 5-year hiatus from the country, I returned back to the land where my parents are from, the Dominican Republic. Throughout 2010 I was toying with the idea of going back to DR. I felt the need to go back and reacquaint myself with the country. Like many first generation Dominicans, I’ve traveled to DR throughout my life numerous times. There was a point in my life that I would go every summer vacation. As a tween, I would have a ball going over and spending time with the family that I didn’t have back in the states. Playing marbles with my cousins, climbing mango trees, even working in the small colmado (bodega) that my uncle owned in the campo. Believe it or not, I was even sent there to live when I was 12 because I wasn’t behaving well in school and at home. Being sent back to the island is a threat that many parents from my mom’s generations would threaten us American born kids with when we misbehaved. My mom meant it.

As an adult, I didn’t really enjoy going much to DR. Like many, I would go to the resorts and spend sometime there but I would also go out to the towns and stay with my dad. The resorts are a great mask and represent a small percentage of how life in the island is for many. By nature, I am a very observant person and visiting the towns that my parents are from and seeing how many people lived troubled me, along with a few other things, which would make my trip not so enjoyable. After a couple of days, I was ready to come back to NYC. So this time around, I wanted to go with a whole new perspective. I wanted to try and go to different towns and try to meet other kinds of Dominicans, people more like myself, artist types. I’ve also had the idea that I would love to somehow exhibit my artwork there. So with camera in hand, I booked my trip for the beginning of 2011 and decided to start my year in the warm and beautiful island of “Quisqueya.”


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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Once again it’s on. Uptown’s bi-weekly online radio show, Voices of Uptown, will be transmitting live tonight at 9 PM. If you missed the inaugural episode, make sure you catch this one. Uptown Collective contributors, Carolina Pichardo and Claudio E. Cabrera, do a great job of keeping the audience entertained while at the same time informing the public on the latest happenings Uptown.

For more info: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/heightsinwoodradioshow

Also check out our Meet the UC Contributors posts: Carolina Pichardo & Claudio E. Cabrera

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For more info: www.breadandyoga.com

Check out our post on Bread & Yoga: http://uptowncollective.com/2010/06/22/the-elixir-bread-and-yoga/

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By Andrew Seaman and Tahiat Mahboob

Tourists come to the Trinity Church cemetery and mausoleum in Washington Heights to learn about upper Manhattan’ s past. The 168-year-old burial ground provides the final resting place for many celebrated New Yorkers: John James Audubon, Clement Clarke Moore, Ralph Waldo Ellison, and Jerry Orbach, to name a few.

Community Board 12 Historian James Renner serves as a knowledgeable guide, leading the way past hundreds of tombs that stretch over two city blocks.

Renner led a group of sightseers through the maze of graves on Sunday and allowed The Uptowner to tag along.

Another cemetery and mausoleum tour is scheduled for late December. Renner’s collection of upper Manhattan research can be found here.

Check out: http://theuptowner.org/2010/10/29/tourists-step-through-time-in-trinity-cemetery/

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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photo Credit: ArtForStrangers

It was Uptown Collective contributor, Sara Martinez (@SaritaONER) that put me on to this tremendous deal by the good folks at Groupon. Get this; you get $30 worth of lunch, dinner and drinks for a mere $15 at the tremendously awesome Indian Road Cafe & Market (218th St & Indian Road). That ladies and gentleman is a steal. The catch is that you have approximately 6 hours to take advantage of this deal. I propose to my Uptown crew, let’s all cop this deal and make a night of it. What do you say?

Also, stay tuned for more on the fabulous IRC courtesy of Paul Lomax (@PaulLomaxPhoto)  and yours truly.

Get the steal here: http://www.groupon.com/new-york/deals/indian-road-cafe-ny?utm_campaign=UserReferral&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=uu4989163

Check out our earlier post on Indian Road Café: http://uptowncollective.com/2010/04/22/indian-road-cafe-market/

Check out ArtForStrangers Uptown Artist post: http://uptowncollective.com/2011/01/11/uptown-artist-artforstrangers/

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