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BY Claudio E. Cabrera (@cecabrera21)

Over the weekend there was a back and forth discussion on Twitter over what the Washington Heights #hashtag should be.

Should it be #Wahi or #WashHts?

Some said they liked #Wahi as a name, while others wanted to stick with a tag you can sound out and immediately know the location. Others said one may fit better in tweets than the other.

Close to two years ago, I started a club called the “Wahi & Inwood Brunch and Supper Club.”

I initially went with “Wahi” because that was the real estate buzzword and the most commonly used Twitter hashtag at the time. I hated it inside, but went along with it for my own reasons. Well, I’ll be honest; I thought that Wahi would attract more people than WashHts because it identified with a certain segment of the population – the new population.

A few months later, I changed the name of the club to the “Washington Heights and Inwood Brunch and Supper Club.” I changed it because I felt it didn’t represent me. It represented the real estate agents, the new residents who were cool with that name and all the magazines that love to brand up-and-coming neighborhoods with new, hip names.

When @peraltaproject, @carlazanoni, @UptwnCre8tivLab, @AbbieLicious07, @zuzupetals  and others were going back and forth about the issue, I wanted to jump in the conversation but decided to stay out.


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Locating the best home cooked meal without cooking or being at home

BY Briana E. Heard

For my second review I sampled a local eatery by the name of Marisco Center. An especially interesting choice for me, as I am not a seafood fan. My fellow diner made the selection and I, feeling unlike myself, chose to acquiesce. Being the busy girl I am, I chose to partake in their take out service, as dine in and delivery are both available. The food looked appetizing and the staff was helpful and friendly, offering generous samples of their fish soup as you wait. In my large paper-plastic bag combo I brought the chicken, steak, rice, beans, and yucca just a few short blocks back to my apartment to dig in and satiate my mounting hunger pangs.


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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photo Credit: nycago.org

Washington Heights’ history teacher, Carlos Garcia, will now think twice before uttering the infamous c-word (‘coño’) ever again. Carlos ‘Coño’ Garcia, who has been a teacher for 17 years, was suspended for several months from his teaching duties at the High School of International Business and Finance popularly known as G-Dubs for using the c-bomb repeatedly in front of his students.

The original fine for his alleged ‘coño’ laced tirade was a whopping $15,000 (you know that Mr. Garcia was saying ‘coño’ in his head) but was reduced to $1,000. For those that don’t know, ‘coño’ is the equivalent of the f-word in English without the carnal implications. In essence, it is a more forceful version of “damn it”.

‘Coño’ is actually quite a versatile word. In can be used in anger, such as in Mr. Garcia’s case, to quiet an unruly classroom but it can also be employed in a complimentary manner as a response to a pretty woman one sees on the street, ‘coño’ with an emphasis on the last O. Another use is to question something that a person might find dubious, as in pero que ‘coño’.

I invite you to join me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, or e-mail me at ledblackNYC@gmail.com

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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

The good folks at Groupon are back with another Uptown steal. This time around it is the one and only PJ Wine (4898 Broadway), which boasts the neighborhood’s biggest selection of wines from 15 countries as well as a plethora of specialty wines. The icing on the cake is that the Groupon deal can also be redeemed on PJ’s online store. Wine lovers rejoice – salud!

Get the deal here: http://gr.pn/jN1AP1

Check out PJ’s online: http://www.pjwine.com/store/

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Video by Art By Dj Boy (@Djboy09)

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Writing Workshop

Saturday April 30th, 1 PM – 3 PM

Come learn how to create a great historical fiction story about the Morris-Jumel Mansion. Director of Education, Carol Ward, and Sarah Durham of “Uptown Writers” will lead the session that will introduce writers and aspiring authors to the concepts of subject, setting and character to kick off the 1st edition of the MJM Writing Competition!

The event and competition are open to all ages, prizes will be awarded and the winning stories will be published on the MJM website.

The event is FREE but advanced registration is required. Call 212 923 8008

Morris-Jumel Mansion is Manhattan’s oldest house. Built in 1765 by British officer Roger Morris, the house was later inhabited by George Washington during the Battle of Harlem Heights in 1776 and the Jumel family from 1810 to 1865. The house, now a museum, is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday 10 am to 4 pm. The museum is located between 160th and 162nd Streets just east of St. Nicholas Avenue and can be easily reached via the C train to 163rd Street, the A train to 168th Street, or the M2, M3, M101 or M18 bus to 160th Street.

Visit the web site at www.morrisjumel.org

The Morris-Jumel Mansion is part of the Historic House Trust of NYC and The Department of Parks and Recreation.

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