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This past summer, music producer, Frankie P, began working on his first LIVE instrumental solo project. He locked himself in his home studio and recorded what he considered to be a musical canvas. With no regard to song structure, radio format, formulas, or boundaries, he created what came from the heart; the result was “Hazy Nights In The Heights,” an instrumental ride through the mind of Frankie P. The entire album will be available for free on October 10th @ www.awakeinmydreams.com

Click here for our Q&A with Frankie P.

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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

In these troubled economic times what says America more than a yard sale. With that said, the good folks at Nostlygia (251 Dyckman Street), the epitome of good old-fashioned Americana, are putting together a next level yard sale that will run all weekend. Deals, steals, antiques and apparel – all treasure and no trash. Make sure you stop by; you might just find what you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Check out: http://nostylgia.com/wordpress/

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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Rafael Jimenez | R2 Studios

My good friend and longtime Uptown entrepreneur and businessman, Hector Bodre, will be celebrating the Grand Opening of Bodre Cut and Color Room on the Upper West Side. This is a big deal folks. After several years of grinding here at the first Bodre Cut & Color Room (4174 Broadway), Hector is expanding and taking his expertise, craft and business savvy down to the Upper West Side. I think that deserves a toast. Join us this Sunday at the new spot (969 Columbus Ave) from 4 pm to 10 pm to commemorate this special occasion. I know you know the motto, “spread love it’s the Uptown way”!

Grand Opening

Bodre Cut & Color Room Upper West Side

Sunday the 18th at 4pm

969 Columbus Avenue

Click here for more info.


Rafael Jimenez | R2 Studios

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House of Glam (www.houseofglamnyc.com) and District 10 Council Member Ydanis Rodríguez have announced their sponsorship of the first ECO-FASHION IN THE PARK on Sunday, September 25th.

The one-of-a-kind fashion show will feature several local Latina designers who aim to inspire and create awareness around the issues of eco-friendly fashion and how to empower its sustainability as a lifestyle.  All 11 designers who will be presenting their new lines at ECO-FASHION IN THE PARK are committed to reducing carbon footprints via their eco-friendly clothing.  Attendees will be able to participate in a clothing swap, where they can exchange used, clean articles of clothing amongst each other.

“It’s great to see how upcoming, independent designers work with materials that are good for the environment, stated Gina Constanza, stylist, personal shopper and founder of House of Glam. “Shifting fashion to be more sustainable and eco-friendly in their work is just the beginning of an unforgettable prelude to my commitment to this initiative.”

Designers slated to present their lines: Karina Fernández, Lissy Gómez from LVG Designs, Iliana Quander from amparo 3, Miriam Guerrero from Original Wear, Marlissa Macario, Wendel Johnston, Bridget Artise from Born Again Vintage, Lajuanda Moody, Sandra Baquero, Ana Segura and Tom Sohung.

ECO-FASHION IN THE PARK will also include a live demonstration by Trudy Miller, a designer, researcher and educator specializing in sustainable design strategies for high performance products, services and environments.


 Sunday, September 25th from 11am to 4pm

 High Bridge Park at 174th Street & Amsterdam Ave.

The official after-party will be held in Monkey Room Bar & Lounge (www.monkeyroomnyc.com) located on 589 Fort Washington Ave, where each attendee will enjoy one free drink for toasting provided by Toma Vodka (www.tomavodka.com).

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Written by Gloria Pazmiño

Photo Credit: Gloria Pazmiño

Hair salons in the Heights. There is nothing more symbolic of both our need to look good and our entrepreneurial spirit than these shops that seem to dot every block.

We go there to fulfill a need to look our best, primp our hair, do our nails, change a look – maybe blonde this week, red the next – wax our eyebrows, and tame our coifs.

But since el Alto prides itself on giving its residents the option of doing anything anywhere anytime, I found one salon that also does taxes.

Yes, at Ynes Unisex Salon on W. 164th Street and Amsterdam Avenue these two worlds meet in harmony.

It started 20 years ago, when Ynes first opened and the salon quickly became a neighborhood favorite.

As it is uptown, business acumen runs deep in some families. Ynes’ niece Alexis Mercedes went into business as a notary public and tax consultant. She set up an impromptu office in her aunt’s salon and built up a clientele catering to women and men who entered the salon seeking a dye job or manicure then returned later for tax preparation, translation services, or help with other legal documents.

Last year the family moved across the street to a new location where Mercedes found the space to have her own dedicated office in the salon.

Read more: http://www.manhattantimesnews.com/Living-el-Alto/a-one-stop-shop-for-dyes-and-taxes.html

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BY Joanna Molloy

Mariela Zapata’s journey from 175th St. and Audubon Ave. in Washington Heights to the realm of luxury accessories took a lot of stiletto steps.

But the young designer scampered over obstacles to launch her own line of elegant purses, which have been carried by actress Kate Baldwin, NY1 anchor Roma Torre and “30 Rock” producer Kay Cannon, among others.

Unlike many aspiring designers who dream of creating dresses, it was always about accessories for the jet-haired beauty. You might even say she was obsessed:

“I would organize all my accessories by color and category,” Zapata confesses. “Belts were divided into black, white, silver, all my browns, my colorful ones. With purses I had my clutches, my casual everyday, my shoulder bags, beach bags. And my shoes were all in clear plastic containers by pumps, wedges, sandals, boots, flats.”

But with her mother, Grecia, toiling as a cleaning lady and her stepfather fixing cars, there wasn’t a lot of extra money in the family of five to indulge her obsession.

Ultimately, that was a good thing, because it spurred Zapata’s creativity.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2011/03/02/2011-03-02_local_purse_designer_mariela_zapata_went_from_washington_heights_to_nyc_celebrit.html

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