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Daniella Zalcman|The Wall Street Journal

The Pumpkin House of Washington Heights, one of the most unusual residences in Manhattan, has gone on the market for $3.9 million.

The 17-foot-wide brick house cantilevers over a cliff near the highest point in Manhattan, facing west toward the Hudson River.

The light of the setting sun combined with the glow from the windows makes it look like a jack-o’-lantern from passing tour boats or people strolling by on a path by the river.

The current owner of the pumpkin house, William Spink, a decorator, bought the house at 16 Chittenden Ave in 2000 for $1.1 million. Now after a decade of owning a house with a view, and after replacing the roof and pointing the facade, he said he was ready to move back into an apartment building where someone else handles the maintenance.

Mr. Spink said he believed that Pumpkin House name may have been created years ago by guides on Circle Line tours around Manhattan. “When I bought the house I thought it meant native Americans grew pumpkins on the hillside,” he said.

The house has had four owners since it was built in the 1920s on a steel foundation sunk into a steep cliff at West 186th Street, just north of what is now the George Washington Bridge. It was commissioned by Cleveland Walcutt, an engineer, on land purchased from the estate of James Gordon Bennett, the publisher of the New York Herald.

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Juris Mardwig|The Wall Street Journal

Juris Mardwig|The Wall Street Journal


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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

For the sake of full disclosure, Bernarda Moronta is my mom. She first arrived on these shores in the late 60’s and like the quintessential, hard-working Dominican mom, she has worked in a factory, as a superintendent and a home attendant, all the while making sure the home front was taken care of. We first moved into this apartment on 192nd and Wadsworth Ave in 1979 and even though I no longer live here, it still feels like home.

Upon entering the crib, you are greeted by my mother’s altar, which is where her santos (saints) stand guard at the entrance of the apartment. The original altar my mom had when I was growing was much larger. It has since been transplanted to the Dominican Republic where it takes up an entire small room.


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Name: Ivette Urbaez

Where do you live? Inwood

What do you do? Silk screen design, apparel ,accessories design.

Where are you originally from? Dominican Republic

How long have you been uptown? 18 years

What made you move uptown? My family and friends live uptown!

What’s the deal with your massive screen printing machine in the middle of your living room?  Its the only place I have that fits and that is my living room, but it’s meant to be in a factory..

What’s in your black trunk? It’s full of screens.

What’s up with the clothing rack in your studio? The clothes are samples of what I made for clients or for other people to see.

What’s the story with the small couch in the middle of your studio? It’s a place to sit and sleep. Opens up in to a bed .

What’s the story about that photograph between your windows, why is it between your windows?  The picture is an electric escalator in Harlem on the # 1 train station,  and it’s one of the photos I use for my T-shirts.

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