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Photography by Ruben Henriquez (@WHRP_Ruben)







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Apt 78 is once again taking it back and digging into the old-school Latin Music vault for some serious classic Merengue, Salsa, Bachata and Perico Ripiao. DJ Smalls will be doing the honors, drink specials and a live band – what more could you ask for? If you want a taste of what to expect see below for a video of the first Latin Classics event at Apt 78 after the DR Parade.

Video by Art By Dj Boy (@ArtByDjBoy)

Click here to see pics from that evening.

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Photography by Ruben Henriquez (@WHRP_Ruben)





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Photography by Ruben Henriquez (@WHRP_Ruben)


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BY Maury Matos (@maurymoto)

Q. For those that don’t know can you explain what WEPA means? 

A. This expression goes wayyyyyyy back!  It’s is an exclamation of happiness and approval amongst Latinos, like “Ohhh yeah!”  It is used for almost anything good: food, music, whatever feels good.

It’s normally said out loud. You’ve got to say it nasally or else it’s just not right. It is pronounced “weh-pah” with an upside-down exclamation in front and upside-up on the back. ¡WEPA!

Q. What’s the concept behind the WEPA parties?

A. It’s a celebration that is based on our Afro-Latino roots, creating “the way it was on the block” vibe we experienced growing up as New York Latinos (Neoyorquinos).

We incorporate a wide range of our culture’s musical wealth, blending Afro-Cuban, Latino Tribal, Orisha chants and straight up percussive rhythms mixed in with old Salsa classics and, of course… House music.

Our thing is to incorporate the ‘vieja escuela’ traditions of a cigar roller, domino table and clothesline strung from the ceiling with that trendy new vibe of the ‘here and now’.

:60 SECONDS WITH…JOANN JIMENEZ from República on Vimeo.


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Photo Credit: Uncut.com

Wednesday, September 14 at 7:00pm

APT.78 Cafe/Lounge

4447 Broadway (191st)

That’s right people, the man responsible for introducing the world to Nas, will be working his magic on the 1’s and 2’s at Apt 78 (4447 Broadway) this coming Wednesday, the 14th. An artist and producer in his own right, Large Pro was a member of the trailblazing, seminal Hip-Hop group Main Source. As quietly as it is kept, Large Pro has been behind the boards of many of your favorite jams from artists such as Rakim, Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep and A Tribe Called Quest among many others. This is going to be another incredible night at the place that has become legendary for them. Be there or be told about it the next day – your choice.

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Video by Art By Dj Boy (@DjboyNYC)

Click here to see pics from that evening.

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