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BY Claudio E. Cabrera

This is the story of Michael Diaz, a.k.a. Juan Bago: the actor, the community activist, the producer, the writer, and the son.

When you look at your profile, you see actor, producer, writer, activist, and community board member? Do you ever feel like you’re over-extending yourself?

I used to over-extend myself when I was younger. Everyone does so when they first come in as you want to gravitate to everything. You can do all the stuff and dedicate the right amount of time. But you don’t want to over-commit, and I found myself doing that at times. One of the most important skills to have in entertainment is the ability to manage your time well.

There was a point in time where I thought I could do everything. It then gets to a point where you can thin yourself and can’t do every little thing yourself. You learn that being a volume actor isn’t as important as being a quality actor.

If you could rank all the things that you’re doing right now in terms of importance, what would be their order?

Well producing and acting are my two passions. After that, I must say that writing comes next as I’ve always had that skill. Last, but not least is activism and my new responsibility as a Community Board 12 member in my Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods.

Read more: Interview: Mike Diaz vs. Juan Bago | Article | New York | Remezcla.com.


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On tonight’s Washington Heights and Inwood Radio Show, Carolina and Claudio will talk to local LGBT activists in our community and discuss the issues and concerns that affect them here.

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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

It’s that time again, folks. Another installment of the popular Voices of Uptown online radio show is going down tonight at 9 PM. Besides all the latest happenings, developments and talk, the special guest tonight will be none other than celebrated author Jon Michaud. Like I have said on many occasions, Jon’s book When Tito Loved Clara is a must read so make sure you tune in tonight.

Check out my review of the book: http://uptowncollective.com/2011/03/11/the-led-black-book-club-%E2%80%93-when-tito-loved-clara/

Check out an excerpt: http://uptowncollective.com/2011/03/23/excerpt-when-tito-loved-clara/

I invite you to join me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, or e-mail me at ledblackNYC@gmail.com

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BY Claudio E. Cabrera (@cecabrera21)

Over the weekend there was a back and forth discussion on Twitter over what the Washington Heights #hashtag should be.

Should it be #Wahi or #WashHts?

Some said they liked #Wahi as a name, while others wanted to stick with a tag you can sound out and immediately know the location. Others said one may fit better in tweets than the other.

Close to two years ago, I started a club called the “Wahi & Inwood Brunch and Supper Club.”

I initially went with “Wahi” because that was the real estate buzzword and the most commonly used Twitter hashtag at the time. I hated it inside, but went along with it for my own reasons. Well, I’ll be honest; I thought that Wahi would attract more people than WashHts because it identified with a certain segment of the population – the new population.

A few months later, I changed the name of the club to the “Washington Heights and Inwood Brunch and Supper Club.” I changed it because I felt it didn’t represent me. It represented the real estate agents, the new residents who were cool with that name and all the magazines that love to brand up-and-coming neighborhoods with new, hip names.

When @peraltaproject, @carlazanoni, @UptwnCre8tivLab, @AbbieLicious07, @zuzupetals  and others were going back and forth about the issue, I wanted to jump in the conversation but decided to stay out.


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The topics on tonight’s episode of the Voices of Uptown online radio show will be the rat infestation problem in Washington Heights, the 168th and 181st train station elevator issues, traffic on 181st Street as well as a chat with actor Elvis Nolasco.

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On the seventh episode of the Wash Heights and Inwood Radio Show, join hosts Claudio E. Cabrera and Carolina Pichardo as they go through neighborhood topics that have caught the attention of many Inwood residents.

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On tonight’s show, Claudio E. Cabrera and Carolina Pichardo will talk to journalists in the neighborhood on what it’s like to cover Washington Heights and Inwood; and if this is a neighborhood with many untold, fresh stories.

Tune in at 9PM on Blogtalkradio by clicking the link below. You should also sign up to join the chatroom, which is always buzzing.

For more info: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/heightsinwoodradioshow

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