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BY Claudio E. Cabrera

This is the story of Michael Diaz, a.k.a. Juan Bago: the actor, the community activist, the producer, the writer, and the son.

When you look at your profile, you see actor, producer, writer, activist, and community board member? Do you ever feel like you’re over-extending yourself?

I used to over-extend myself when I was younger. Everyone does so when they first come in as you want to gravitate to everything. You can do all the stuff and dedicate the right amount of time. But you don’t want to over-commit, and I found myself doing that at times. One of the most important skills to have in entertainment is the ability to manage your time well.

There was a point in time where I thought I could do everything. It then gets to a point where you can thin yourself and can’t do every little thing yourself. You learn that being a volume actor isn’t as important as being a quality actor.

If you could rank all the things that you’re doing right now in terms of importance, what would be their order?

Well producing and acting are my two passions. After that, I must say that writing comes next as I’ve always had that skill. Last, but not least is activism and my new responsibility as a Community Board 12 member in my Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods.

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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

The dam has broken. This article, written by friend to the UC, Carla Zanoni of DNAinfo, has aired what we here at the Uptown Collective have been speaking about privately for some time now. Since this crusade against Mamajuana is now a matter of public record, let us, the Uptown Collective state unequivocally where we stand. A small but vocal group of residents have decided to unfairly paint Mamajuana as the scourge of Dyckman Street. According to them, it is Mamajuana’s fault that large groups of people congregate in the vicinity. There is even a video, see below, that purports to illustrate the nefarious activities taking place because of Mamajauna. That is utter nonsense and is high time that those residents that patronize and support Mamajuana’s right to exist, begin to organize and agitate with the same intensity as those that oppose this pioneering establishment. While Mamajuana is not the first upscale, nouveau Latino restaurant in the area, it is the one that has had the most impact, introducing the sidewalk café concept to the neighborhood as well playing a significant role in revitalizing that entire strip. The anti Mamajuana crowd seems to have the ear of the Captain of the 34th Precinct as well as Community Board 12, which could lead to its eventual demise if we do not let our voice be heard. This is what we are up against, so either we stand up and be counted or watch as they kill not just Mamajuana but the entire, burgeoning business and cultural revival that is taking shape in the immediate area. The choice is yours.

We will have more on this topic in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Check out the original article: www.dnainfo.com/

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