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BY Maury Matos (@maurymoto)

Q. For those that don’t know can you explain what WEPA means? 

A. This expression goes wayyyyyyy back!  It’s is an exclamation of happiness and approval amongst Latinos, like “Ohhh yeah!”  It is used for almost anything good: food, music, whatever feels good.

It’s normally said out loud. You’ve got to say it nasally or else it’s just not right. It is pronounced “weh-pah” with an upside-down exclamation in front and upside-up on the back. ¡WEPA!

Q. What’s the concept behind the WEPA parties?

A. It’s a celebration that is based on our Afro-Latino roots, creating “the way it was on the block” vibe we experienced growing up as New York Latinos (Neoyorquinos).

We incorporate a wide range of our culture’s musical wealth, blending Afro-Cuban, Latino Tribal, Orisha chants and straight up percussive rhythms mixed in with old Salsa classics and, of course… House music.

Our thing is to incorporate the ‘vieja escuela’ traditions of a cigar roller, domino table and clothesline strung from the ceiling with that trendy new vibe of the ‘here and now’.

:60 SECONDS WITH…JOANN JIMENEZ from República on Vimeo.



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Every 2nd Tuesday
6pm – 12am :: Free

Joann Jimenez presents…

Afro-House & Latin
music by Antonio Ocasio

Please Note: November 15th
Joann’s Birthday Celebration!


This celebration is based on Joann and Antonio’s Afro-Latino roots, creating that “the way it was on the block” vibe they experienced growing up as New York Latinos (Neoyorquinos).

Their soundscape incorporates the wide range of their culture’s musical wealth, blending Afro-Cuban, Latino Tribal, Orisha chants and straight up percussive rhythms mixed in with old salsa classics and other lovely sounds that live inside them… house music.

They pay homage to the music that influenced them as youngsters, and celebrates the newer music that echoes it.

Click below for an sample of what the music sounds and feels like.

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Up Theater Presents:

All the Best Ingredients
“a dramatic terrorist prison comedy”

by James Bosley
directed by Rik Walter

Cast:   Laura Fois  Devin E. Haqq   Matt Higgins
Edwin Matos Jr.   Anne Pasquale   Medina Senghore

Stage Manager:  Karen Evanouskas
Lighting Designer:  Kate Ashton
Costume Designer:  Sarah Lind

Friday, May 6th,  8 pm
Saturday May 7th, 8 pm
Sunday May 8th, 3 pm
Thursday May 12th, 8 pm
Friday May 13th, 8 pm
Saturday May 14th, 3 pm
Sunday May 15th, 3pm

108 Cooper Street   New York, NY 10034

SUGGESTED DONATION: $18, $10 for students

For more info: http://uptheater.org/

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Los Muñequitos de Matanzas

Roots + Rumba Workshop

Friday, May 6, 12-2pm
The Cornerstone Center

178 Bennett Ave (at 189th st.)

Workshop fee: $20

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas offer the purest sounds and movements of their Afro-Cuban heritage, with live music, presented and explained in a very accessible and friendly way. They begin with Yoruba Orisha dances through all Rumba styles, brining all the power and joy of their performance to energize workshop participants. This is a dance workshop but singers and drummers are welcome as well. All levels welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing to dance.

Presented in collaboration with Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial & Educational Center, MAPP International Productions and Max Pollak’s RumbaTap.

No reservations necessary.
For more info, contact: rumbatap@gmail.com

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Photography by Vaughn Browne


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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photo Credit: Lois Greenfield

Q. What are some of the things you love about Washington Heights?

A. Your first question is one I am happy to answer, as I indeed do love Washington Heights. My mother was born in the Heights and her family has photographs of the George Washington Bridge being constructed. Besides the personal connection to the neighborhood, it is a locus of Native American, American and geological history. Inwood Hill Park, inhabited since prehistoric times, is an actual forest in Manhattan and a repository of glacial activity. Fort Tryon Park, another reminder of the Revolutionary War, is a jewel in Manhattan’s crown with the Heather garden, Linden Terrace, and The Cloisters. I love the hilly streets that afford vistas uncommon in other parts of the City, the majesty of the Hudson River and the pristine Palisades, untouched thanks to John D. Rockefeller’s donation, insuring that this land will remain undeveloped in perpetuity. I love the generational and ethnic diversity, the unparalleled Dominican chicken from Malecon, Highbridge Park’s Olympic size outdoor pool, free in the summer, the art deco architecture along Fort Washington and the spaciousness of the apartments.


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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photography by Vaughn Browne

E-Moves 12 is a tour de force. Modern, Jazz, Tap, African and Hip-Hop dance are all well-represented in this elegantly produced powerhouse of a dance series. From the very moment the performance begins, you are held captive by its sway. Not only are the different disciplines of dance showcased in this awe-inspiring exhibition but the show itself touches upon many thorny topics such as love, tradition, the human condition and God. Harlem Stage’s E-Moves 12 puts to shame the old, tired and worn cliché that fine arts and culture are unobtainable Uptown.


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