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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

SOA is in the building.  Better yet, the sala, but not just any sala.  No, I am talking about La Sala 78, the cozy and chic Café/Art Gallery located at 111 Dyckman St.  The point of this little shindig was the unveiling of renowned artist Joe Buck’s latest collection.  Joe Buck has an illustrious pedigree and is the artist behind De La Soul’s iconic De La Soul is Dead album cover.  Fine art, great food and great conversations were in abundance on this rainy Saturday night.  If you missed the launch, you’re in luck because the artwork will be on display and on sale until mid-May.  Do yourself a favor and stop by to check out Joe Buck’s work and patronize this fine establishment.

For more info: www.lasala78.com/

Check out pics from the event below


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