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House of Glam (www.houseofglamnyc.com) and District 10 Council Member Ydanis Rodríguez have announced their sponsorship of the first ECO-FASHION IN THE PARK on Sunday, September 25th.

The one-of-a-kind fashion show will feature several local Latina designers who aim to inspire and create awareness around the issues of eco-friendly fashion and how to empower its sustainability as a lifestyle.  All 11 designers who will be presenting their new lines at ECO-FASHION IN THE PARK are committed to reducing carbon footprints via their eco-friendly clothing.  Attendees will be able to participate in a clothing swap, where they can exchange used, clean articles of clothing amongst each other.

“It’s great to see how upcoming, independent designers work with materials that are good for the environment, stated Gina Constanza, stylist, personal shopper and founder of House of Glam. “Shifting fashion to be more sustainable and eco-friendly in their work is just the beginning of an unforgettable prelude to my commitment to this initiative.”

Designers slated to present their lines: Karina Fernández, Lissy Gómez from LVG Designs, Iliana Quander from amparo 3, Miriam Guerrero from Original Wear, Marlissa Macario, Wendel Johnston, Bridget Artise from Born Again Vintage, Lajuanda Moody, Sandra Baquero, Ana Segura and Tom Sohung.

ECO-FASHION IN THE PARK will also include a live demonstration by Trudy Miller, a designer, researcher and educator specializing in sustainable design strategies for high performance products, services and environments.


 Sunday, September 25th from 11am to 4pm

 High Bridge Park at 174th Street & Amsterdam Ave.

The official after-party will be held in Monkey Room Bar & Lounge (www.monkeyroomnyc.com) located on 589 Fort Washington Ave, where each attendee will enjoy one free drink for toasting provided by Toma Vodka (www.tomavodka.com).

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NYC’s Fashion Night Out invades UPTOWN tonight at Nostlygia (251 Dyckman). The festivities begin at 7 pm with a live performance by Mobius Collective. Click their name to view their site and take a listen to their incredible sounds. The night will also feature a pop-up shop from our good friend and booming uptown artist, Tony M. Peralta. Enjoy special 1 night only deals and give-aways from both Peralta and Nostylgia. The party continues all night long down the block at Dyckman Bar. Receive one complimentary drink with any purchase from Nostylgia.

Click here for more info.

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Photo Credit: Andrea Morales|The New York Times

ON summer evenings, a tree-lined strip of Dyckman Street — a main thoroughfare in Inwood, near Manhattan’s northern prow — becomes a giant block party. Crowds from several splashy bars spill out onto the sidewalk, clutching beers and cigarettes as they chatter loudly and peck away on their smartphones.

Yet there, in the middle of all the ruckus, is a quiet spot to sip tea, play chess and savor the pleasures of a gentler era. The name says it all: Nostylgia.

Selling style, reminiscence and an anything-goes eclecticism, the place seems to change throughout the day, from cafe to general store to clothing boutique and, particularly at night, all-purpose hangout. Though most of its customers are young and fashion-conscious, the shop enshrines the old and quirky.

Steps away from the city’s last remaining Dutch colonial farmhouse, Nostylgia pays homage to New York through the ages. Steam radiators, long a part of the building, hang above eye level along exposed-brick walls, near a barbershop awning and a metal fire escape hung as a display rack. Lamps are the antique, street variety.

Read more: At Nostylgia in Inwood, a Spot to Shop, Sip Tea or Hang Out – NYTimes.com.

Photo Credit: Andrea Morales | The New York Times

Photo Credit: Andrea Morales | The New York Times

Photo Credit: Andrea Morales | The New York Times

Click here for our post on Nostlygia.

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BY Tony Gonzalez (@TonyCreative)

On Thursday,  7/7/11 swarms of  neighborhood residents descended upon the Shabazz Center at 165th street to attend the She’s from Harlem, He’s from The Heights fashion show hosted by the United Nile co-founders, Eva Lucion and Tesfaye with support from WaHiSynCo and The What.

The purpose of the show was to raise funds for the United Nile program,  a summer camp that Eva and Tes hope will educate our youth in art and multi-media to express their own life stories.

When I got the show, around 8 PM, the air was positively buzzing with excitement. As I and my fellow photographers  scrambled to set up our equipment, the models prepped in the side room. Performing artists rehearsed their songs and lines, and positivity was just thoroughly pumping.

The show began with an introduction by Eva Lucion, and the first performer of the day appeared. After moving through an improv comedy routine that met with a few chuckles and agreeing nods, the musical talent came on. All the perfomers sang and rapped with their heart in their lyrics.  One group, called The Machine,  laid out rhymes over a driving beat, getting everyone hyped for the next part of the show. Most impressive of all was a young man by the name of Audubon Project. His voice, rhythm, and ease of transitioning from rhyming heart-felt lyrics to singing empowering choruses moved the crowd to applaud gratuitously.  There was even a dancing crew who poured their heart into expressive, pulsating movements of their limbs, which amped up the audience even more.

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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

There is nothing in the world like an Uptown summer. With that said, what would an Uptown summer be without another new collection from the Peralta Project? M. Tony Peralta, the man behind the collection, has been on a tear as of late, winning the Uptown Arts Stroll poster contest recently. The latest series of t-shirts is aptly named Hecho A Mano as they are screen printed by the man himself, making them a super limited edition. Another interesting tidbit about the line is that they are literally conceived, designed and printed in one day, from inspiration to hot off the presses in a matter of 24 hours. The Hecho A Mano shirts are currently only available online at theprojectshop.net and at Nostlygia (251 Dyckman Street – 212-304-0337). So make sure you cop some as this is going to be a summer to remember. Spread love it’s the Uptown way! 

For more info: http://theperaltaproject.com/blog/?p=1927


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