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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photography Art By Dj Boy (@ArtByDjBoy)

This past weekend, Uptown had the honor of kicking off the national Latin Grammy Street Party Tour at our very own Inwood Hill Park. The neighborhood came out in droves to take part in this celebration of Latino music, culture and heritage. Some heavyweight entertainers such as Los Hermanos Rosario, Eddy Herrera and Delexilio among others came out to raucous support and applause. To scan the crowd was to see folks of all ages having an old fashioned great time.

It is only fitting that this event would take place in what Remezcla has dubbed “the current center of the Latin world.” I have been saying this for quite some time; Washington Heights is a Latino Mecca. This community is experiencing a resurgence, that I have dubbed the “Uptown Renaissance”, that is being led in large part by the very people that grew up here, the sons and daughters of the very same immigrants that came here from distant shores decades ago. To see the outside world finally starting to realize that is a welcome validation indeed. Long live the Latin Grammy Street Party; we hope to see you next year.



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Photo: Marielle Anzelone | The NY Times

That’s right, the City Room section of the New York Times will be documenting the contours of autumn on a weekly basis in Manhattan’s last remaining forest, Inwood Hill Park. Marielle Anzelone, a botanist and urban ecologist who founded NYC Wildflower Week, will report from a patch of forest in Inwood Hill Park once a week. The first dispatch had an amazing interactive image that you can scroll over and look at the area in view in greater detail. This is going to be very cool.

Check it out: Autumn Unfolds in a Patch of Urban Forest | NY Times

Also, check out Park Portfolio – Inwood Hill Park & Inwood Hill Park – Timeless Treasure.

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That’s right people, Uptown is the kick-off point for the Latin Grammy Street Parties that will take place across the country leading up to the 12th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards that will be held in Las Vegas, NV on November 10th. This Sunday, from 1 to 6 pm, Inwood Hill Park will play host to Merengue superstars Los Hermanos Rosario, Eddy Herrera and Spanish Rockers Delexilio. Make sure you stop by and get your Latin Grammy Party on.

“As we celebrate another great year of amazing music we are proud to bring the excitement of the Latin GRAMMY to cities across the country through our annual Latin GRAMMY Street Parties,” said Gabriel Abaroa, President of The Latin Recording Academy. “These festivals allow us to create a bond between music lovers and the Latin GRAMMYs, through the power of music, and the talented artists that make an impression along the way and we look forward to another successful year.”

The Latin GRAMMY Street Parties capture the excitement surrounding the Latin GRAMMY Awards by offering an interactive traveling festival for Hispanics, which includes live entertainment, sponsor display areas, and product sampling. This leading national Latin music festival series continues to feature performances by some of Latin music’s established artists, while serving as a launching platform for emerging talent representing various genres, including reggaeton, regional Mexican, pop, rock en Espanol, and tropical among others.

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Briana E. Heard | The UC

Exploring Inwood Hill Park with Sidney Horenstein

Thursday, September 22nd 6:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

Inwood Hill Park is home to Manhattan’s last natural forest but it’s also the site of many fascinating glacial artifacts. Explore Inwood’s geological history and see relics of the Wisconsin Glacier such as the “Indian Caves.”

Your guide is Sidney Horenstein.  Sid is a geologist by training and Educator Emeritus at the American Museum of Natural History.

This tour is over very hilly and rough terrain.

Location:  Inwood Hill Park – Meet at the park entrance at Seaman Avenue and Isham Street.

Click HERE for a program listing and directions.

Check out Park Portfolio – Inwood Hill Park & Inwood Hill Park – Timeless Treasure.

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Lin vs Juan Bago: The Handball Game from Juan Bago on Vimeo.

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City Parks Foundation welcomes all New Yorkers, 60 and over, to participate in City Parks Seniors Fitness. The Fall 2011 season of Seniors Fitness programs will begin the week of September 19, 2011, and will offer free tennis lessons, yoga instruction and fitness walking in 16 parks across the city.

All activities in this eight-week fitness program take place twice a week at each location through October 28th.  Participants are encouraged to maintain regular attendance to maximize health benefits.

City Parks Seniors Fitness has served over 3,400 participants since it began in 2006 and aims to keep neighborhood parks a great place for community activity.  The program encourages New Yorkers to maximize the health benefits of staying active at all ages. Even in moderate amounts, exercise can help participants feel better,maintain or lose weight, reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes, and minimize the symptoms of arthritis.

For more information about City Parks Foundation’s free Seniors Fitness programs, please call the Sports Department at (718) 760-6999. All equipment and instruction is provided free of charge. Sessions are one hour, twice a week.

Inwood Hill Park
Yoga – Tuesdays/Thursdays at 9 AM – Tennis Courts W 207th St & Seaman Ave

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On Wednesday morning, a 79-year-old, shirtless man basked in the sun at the water’s edge, reclining on a broad sloping rock at the very northern tip of Manhattan.

From this rock in Inwood Park just east of the Spuyten Duyvil Bridge, the man observed another New York City rush hour.

He heard the heavy pounding of car traffic on the Hudson River Bridge directly overhead. He saw across the water – an upper extension of the Harlem River that veers west to join the Hudson River – the Metro North trains ferrying commuters to Grand Central Terminal.

The man – he said his first name was Sabas but would not give his last name – had no job and no conventional home.

“Those people are living in their element, and I’m living in mine,” he said. “I live the way the Creator meant me to live, with what he provides for me. I have everything I need to live, right here in this park.”

Most important, he said, was his morning floating and bathing routine in the river: the key to his staying healthy and youthful.

Read more: On New York’s Low Seas: Day 3 – NYTimes.com.

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