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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

There is something special about La Sala 78 (111 Dyckman Street).  From the moment you enter through their doors, you feel that this is a place where you need to be.  Everything from the tasteful décor, to the eye-popping artwork on display, to the eclectic music playing in the background, to the enticing aromas wafting in the air, evokes a feeling of deep and delicious goodness.  La Sala which means the living room in Spanish is just that, a living, breathing, multi-faceted space.  A space to have a great meal, have a great conversation and enjoy a great piece of artwork.  The menu is decidedly lite, healthy and delectable, ranging from paninis, sandwiches and wraps to scrumptious salads.  My current favorite is the Chicken Pesto wrap.  Get this; they even have a special avocado section of the mean featuring different choices that include the awesome super food avocado.  La Sala 78 also functions as a neighborhood art gallery, showcasing some truly impressive talent.  SOA artist extraordinaire Joe Buck is currently gracing their wall.  Not to mention that this is one of the fine retailers that features and sells the incredibly delightful Liga Masiva coffee.  Trust us; you just can’t go wrong with La Sala 78.  See you there.

For more info: www.lasala78.com/


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