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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Q. What are some of the things you love about living Uptown?

A: The feeling of being family is what I love about living Uptown. Everyone looks out for one another. Even if they are strangers, they consider themselves family. It is a blessing to be Dominican and living in Washington Heights. It’s home, wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.



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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photo: Ruben Henriquez

I have said on many occasions that there is nothing in the world that compares to an Uptown summer. Uptown summers are magical, memorable and magnificent creatures. A summer Uptown is its own entity, embodied with self-generating electricity, noise and presence. Certain Uptown summers leave an indelible imprint on your memory. They become the stuff of legend. This summer will go down in history as one such year and the Uptown Collective was there to capture, document and broadcast that kinetic dynamism for the world to see, hear and feel. So here it is, with fall seductively whispering into our ears, the Uptown Collective’s Summer 2011 retrospective.

The summer began with a bang, with the 40 Oz Bounce that didn’t happen but kind of did with thousands of people showing up from across the city and 40 OZ Van even managing to shut down mass transit. Nothing says an Uptown summer like a 40 Oz Bounce event. Check out our treasure trove of them: More Pics From 40 Oz Bounce 2011, 40 Oz NYC X Atmos , 40 Oz Bounce – Dyckman Fields & 40 Oz Bounce Gone Loko.

Summer Uptown means the Uptown Arts Stroll brought to you by the good folks at NoMaa and the Manhattan Times. Being that the Uptown Collective was an official partner this year, we were there to cover it like no one else. A big shout out is in order to the Bago Bunch and the People’s Theater Project for helping to make this the best Uptown Arts Stroll ever.

Uptown Arts Stroll Kick-Off Reception. Photo: Art By Dj Boy

The one and only Briana E. Heard was there to capture this year’s Hike the Heights.

Photo: Briana E. Heard

We also took a trip to DR with Rainey Skates who provided an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Palo Mamajuana Tea operation.


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The good folks at Palo and Brooklyn-based boutique, Fresthetic, are offering 4 lucky fans the chance to score $25 gift certificates and a FREE case of tea.

To enter just go to Palo’s Facebook Page Facebook.com/DRINKPALO and answer: “What does FRESH mean to you?” The 4 best answers win!

Winners will be announced September 6th.

For those that don’t know, Palo is a Natural Vitality Tea that provides sustained energy and balance without caffeine. Palo is brewed from Mamajuana, a blend of healthy roots and herbs, which are traditionally prepared as tea and drank for vitality in the Dominican Republic and the surrounding Greater Antilles by the indigenous people.

Located at 552 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, Fresthetic is a space that plays home to what many artists, designers and writers have been doing for years. A collaboration of 3 personalities, it shares one goal- to bring art, clothing and products to a community that is closely holding on to its roots, and rightly so.

The music is simple, the music is ours, the space is vibrantly urban-loft-comfort and cleverly stocked. The store features silk screened T-shirts and accessories for men and women along with art from artists that you may not have heard of, but need to know. You’ll always stumble upon unique things-each with a great story. Who knows, maybe you’ll walk in and be apart of the story.

Join Fresthetic for a confident shopping experience that truly supports a community and a purpose.

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Photography by Briana E. Heard

Since this year’s Post-DR Parade festivities didn’t go down as usual on the streets of Washington Heights due to the rain, we thought it was only right that we share some of last year’s pics by the one and only Briana E. Heard. Enjoy!

Click here & here for more pics.

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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Okay, here is the latest: GWB, the Uptown Collective, Genius Group Productions Inc and Dominican USA are putting together a little shindig to celebrate the world-wide premiere of the GWB trailer on Saturday, July 16th at 10pm. Here’s the deal though, we can’t divulge the actual location just yet. What we can say is that, since it will be somewhere in Washington Heights, Nutcrackers will be the free drink of choice. With that said, the actual venue will be revealed by the end of the week to those that RSVP’ed. Remember, this is an RSVP only event and the RSVP list will close on Friday.

To RSVP: gwbrsvp@gmail.com (If you’ve already RSVP’ed on Facebook, no need to do both.)

GWB Outtakes Reel from GWB on Vimeo.

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Photography by Briana E. Heard

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also check out:  Op-Ed: Marriage Equality Is A Triumph For All New Yorkers

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The good folks at Palo have decided to once again bless the Uptown Collective audience with a chance to win tickets to see a trailblazing artist. This time around it is, the one and only, Rita Indiana at SOB’s on July 9th. Rita Indiana (@RitaIndiana) is coming to @SOB’S for a live performance that has been over 3 years in the making. Rita will be headlining the Unofficial Official Afterparty of the LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Conference – @L_A_M_C) along with DJ Geko Jones (@gekojones) on the 1’s and 2’s (doors at 11:30 PM).

The rules are simple:

Log onto the Palo Facebook page: Facebook.com/DRINKPALO

Let them know “Why you Love Rita Indiana?”

The best 8 answers will win tickets to the show! It’s that simple, so make it happen.

For those that don’t know, Palo is a Natural Vitality Tea that provides sustained energy and balance without caffeine. Palo is brewed from Mamajuana, a blend of healthy roots and herbs, which are traditionally prepared as tea and drank for vitality in the Dominican Republic and the surrounding Greater Antilles by the indigenous people.


Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Rita Indiana has now taken up residence in Puerto Rico, where her single “Dulces sueños” [Indiana’s version of Annie Lennox’s “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)”] is now being heard across the island’s radio stations and internationally from her most recent and critically acclaimed album, ‘El Juidero’ (Premium Latin Music).

Immediately upon hitting the music scene around 2008, Rita has garnered rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The NY Daily News named her “The Top 5 Indie Jewels of 2008,” and has been growing at her own pace to an ever-growing base of devoted fans across the globe.


Geko’s renowned mixing at parties has gained him the respect of top DJ’s and party people across the Latin America and European bass scene. He continues to push the Latin agenda integrating folkloric sounds with the tropical bass, often incorporating heavy afro latin percussion mashed up with hard synths and global breaks. The past decade has found him collaborating with all types of artists, including Vampire Weekend, The Very Best, Buraka Som Systema, Uproot Andy, ZZK and more.

Click here for the recap of the Palo sponsored Dominican Independence Day celebration.

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